The Dangers of Bubble Lights

Feb 18th

Bubble lights – the dangers of Bubble Lights are: Hazardous chemicals. The flowing liquid contains ethylene chloride, in the light of the bubble. This liquid is a colorless and highly toxic solvent that irritates skin and eyes. If a bubble light bottle breaks and spills ethylene chloride, open windows to ventilate the room and avoid breathing vapors. Wearing latex gloves to make the area with pieces which then decommissioned outside the house clean.

Wonderful Bubble Lights
Wonderful Bubble Lights

Lead. Many Christmas lights, including bubble lights, flying lead warning labels. The material of the coating on the wires is mixed with the lead to increase of heat resistance or the probability of catching fire fixtures. These coated wires treatment could cause harmful levels of lead exposure, so washing your hands and your children’s hands after use. Note that just because California requires that all lights are labeled with lead, as such, which sold in that state, not all wiring with lead carries warnings in other States.

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Opaque housing. In the early days of bubble lights and fairy lights surrounded colorful plastic casings bulbs. These casings, with opaque coatings, high levels of radiant energy trapped inside, which increases the possibility of burning of the lamp and causes a lot of trees in order to ignite. Older models are usually replaced by more modern ones. Choose bubble lights with light bulbs in clear cases and always ensure that your tree is healthy and well watered to help prevent fire.

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